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Project details

Title: Bathymetric and seafloor survey of the Huon Australian Marine Park, Southern Tasmania
Id: 2583
Investigator(s): Cath Samson
Parks Australia [details]

Description: The shelf and upper shelf slope of the Huon Australian Marine Park of south-east Tasmania is listed as a national priority area for seabed survey by the Parks Australia. AusSeabed has a compilation of seabed mapping priorities by Government entities as well as an agreed set of overall government priorities. Priority is given to areas where: -more bathymetric data are required for safe navigation -there is a known pressure and baseline data are required to provide information to support an environmental assessment and monitoring -there is resource competition, and baseline environmental data are required to support better understanding of surrounding issues -data are urgently required to support policy and government decisions. Agencies ranked their priority areas 1, 2 and 3 based on urgency of the need for the data and the impact of the data. Parks Australia has ranked the shelf area of the Huon AMP as Priority 1.
Years: 2020

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

John Hooper (MNF) Project 1: Complete trials and testing of MNF equipment Testing and trials of MNF and some non-MNF equipment (PLAOS) is to be completed during approximately 50% of the voyage. These trials are to optimise design and deployment characteristics and methods to ensure continued and optimal support of scientific objectives during the 20-21 Voyage Schedule. Project 2: RV Investigator Storm Bay Sampling for the FRDC Project ‘Storm Bay Modelling & Information System’ Intended to complete a targeted sampling program to characterise the deep water south of Storm Bay and its nutrient concentration, which is currently uncertain. Water samples and sensor data will assist in resolving whether deep water intrusions into Storm Bay have the potential to modify water quality. To achieve these objectives the project is 2 years into a 3.5 year program of hydrodynamic, sediment, optical and biogeochemical model developments and a targeted observation program including benthic lander and glider deployments; IMOS profiling mooring and local industry data have also assisted the project by facilitating model calibration and water mass characterisation. Project 3: Bathymetric and seafloor survey of the Huon Australian Marine Park, Southern Tasmania Investigator will undertake benthic habitat mapping within the Huon Marine Park during IN2020_V10 on behalf of Parks Australia. Operations will be Multi-beam echo sounder (MBES) backscatter mapping including benchmark remapping, azimuth repeatability and supplementary data acquisition. This process will also include concurrent bathymetry data.
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