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Title: Collection of marine invertebrates, particularly sponges and a survey of their fluorescent properties correlated to depth and chlorophyll content
Id: 2581
Macquarie University [details]

Years: 2017


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

John Keesing (CSIRO) RV Investigator research voyage in2017_v05, titled "Long-term recovery of trawled marine communities 25 years after the world's largest adaptive management experiment." The North West Shelf has seen massive reductions in trawling area and effort over past decades from the previous high levels of foreign trawling up until 1990. There remains debate about whether slow growing benthic organisms such as coral and sponges have recovered from this disturbance and whether the current management zoning which has been in place for 20 years and which includes areas closed to fishing, specific areas for trawling and trap is sustainable and effective. The outcomes of the study will have relevance to how trawl fishing is managed in Australia and internationally.
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