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Title: Exploring different science communication strategies for engaging the public in marine science
Id: 2516
Investigator(s): Katherine Walters
Griffith University [details]

Description: Science communication traditionally uses the "knowledge deficit" model, which assumes that if people simply understand the science, they'll care about its implications. However, there's a great deal of recent research (particularly regarding climate change) to suggest this is NOT the case, and that changing people's attitudes and behaviours may require different strategies such as moral framing, narrative, or even the use of marketing tools. All of this has to be attempted in the changing media landscape which includes social and new media, making the science communicator's job rather challenging! I would like to test some of the above strategies by following the journeys of the scientists – or if this is not possible, following the journey of the science which is undertaken on board IN2017-T01, and sharing these journeys with the public by use of a variety of written and visual styles (for example: blog posts, short videos, infographics, curated image / twitter stories, etc.).
Years: 2017

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Andrew Bowie (UTAS) The application will support research to quantify the importance of iron-rich aerosols from Australia for marine biogeochemistry and ocean ecosystem health. The project will sample and conduct experiments on atmospheric particles containing terrestrial dust and bushfire smoke that are transported from Australia to its surrounding oceans. The application supports the training and research of two postgraduate students from IMAS-UTAS. The outcomes will provide a scientific basis for managing the complex role of iron in sustaining marine ecosystem biodiversity and for informing government policy on ocean fertilisation as a carbon mitigation strategy.
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