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Title: The experiment on the study of sky radiance and surface roughness effect on ISAR SST measurements
Id: 2508
Investigator(s): Helen Beggs
Bureau of Meteorology [details]

Minglun Yang

Description: We spent ~5 hours following 4 Saildrones. This work was a piggyback project to check the performance of sensors (T,S, O2, pH) on the Saildrones that are also mounted on the RVI underway system and the Maria Island IMOS mooring.
Years: 2018

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Zanna Chase (UTAS) RV Investigator research voyage in2018_t01, titled “Physical, chemical and biogeochemical gradients in the East Australian Current" (Chief Scientist: Dr Zanna Chase, UTAS). This voyage will train Masters students from the University of Tasmania in oceanographic methods. Students will map changes in temperature, salinity and nutrients along 2,500 km of the eastern Australian coast. Biological sampling will document the changes in ocean plankton from the subantarctic waters near Tasmania to the tropics. By observing the change in current biological communities along a south-to-north temperature gradient, students will gain an appreciation of changes that may occur over time due to climate change. Students will gain valuable training in oceanographic field techniques, data analysis and communication.
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