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Project details

Title: Bioacoustic experiments
Id: 2504
Investigator(s): Rudy Kloser
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: Acquire bioacoustics data on orange roughy aggregations from seamounts that will be surveyed with camera tows, and sound absorption experiments at 38 kHz using a suspended glass spheres whilst the vessel is stationary.
Years: 2018

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Alan Williams Status and recovery of deep-sea coral communities on seamounts in iconic Australian marine reserves (Chief Scientist: Dr Alan Williams, CSIRO) Australia has protected spectacular deep-sea coral reefs living on undersea mountains (‘seamounts’) by including some in marine reserves off Tasmania. This protection is an important step in marine conservation because deep-sea coral reefs support highly diverse communities of seafloor organisms, but are fragile and vulnerable to human disturbance – particularly by bottom trawling. Scientists on RV Investigator will conduct camera surveys to map the extent of the globally-significant deep-sea coral reefs, and determine how much of the reef area lies within reserves. Scientists will also measure how the reefs have recovered from earlier trawling impacts since being protected in marine reserves.
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