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Title: AIR-BOX integration and calibration
Id: 2501
Investigator(s): Robyn Schofield
University of Melbourne [details]

Description: The integration and calibration of the AIR-BOX (a containerised laboratory which houses aerosol atmospheric monitoring instruments), guest instruments in the aerosol laboratory and air chemistry laboratories, as well as optical instruments located on deck 5, will occur during this voyage. This is in preparation for the upcoming voyage IN2019_V06, during which the AIR-BOX will be utilised in conjunction with RV Investigator’s aerosol laboratory and air chemistry laboratory to continuously collect comprehensive atmospheric chemistry and aerosol measurements. PI Schofield will coordinate with the AIR-BOX consortium to conduct atmospheric biogenic air measurements, aerosol composition, aerosol profile and oxidative capacity measurements to understand the emissions and processing of sulphur and halocarbons from the ocean in this region. Trace-gas and aerosol observations near the Great Barrier Reef will be made continuously throughout this transit voyage. Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) sampling will also occur in conjunction with the AIR-BOX measurements. The CPR will be deployed during the longer legs of the transit (i.e. between CPR deployments and mapping surveys). CPR deployments will also be scheduled around the deployments of other towed equipment (e.g. SVPs). One cassette can be used to sample plankton on tows of up to 450 nm. Where the cassette is towed for <450 nm (i.e. the vessel is required to stop for a CTD deployment or to conduct survey mapping work), the CPR will be retrieved and potentially redeployed, following suitable protocols to indicate the start and end of each deployment. The CPR sampling will occur in conjunction with measurements of atmospheric halocarbons and DMS. Establishing the plankton community composition will be advantageous to understanding what plankton species are associated with high atmospheric concentrations.
Years: 2019

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Rob Beaman (JCU) RV Investigator research voyage in2019_t02, titled “Deep seascapes of the Great Barrier Reef: Uncovering submarine canyons and landslides.”
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