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Title: Trichodesmium sampling
Id: 2500
Investigator(s): Matthew Hawker

Description: Trichodesmium is an important but poorly understood part of the marine environment. It is thought to be responsible for a significant majority of nitrogen fixation in the ocean; understanding its habitat and range is therefore an important part of understanding ocean primary productivity. Around Australia, Trichodesmium is most commonly seen along the northern Queensland coast. However, knowledge of Trichodesmium is relatively scarce as it is impossible to culture in laboratory studies and difficult to accurately observe in-situ. Basic questions such as the spatial patterns and seasonal cycles of Trichodesmium remain poorly understood. This project will contribute to the observational record of Trichodesmium by collecting and analysing seawater samples at locations adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. Surface samples will be collected at existing planned CTD cast locations, so there will be no impact on the voyage track or scheduling. These observations will assist researchers to answer those questions outlined above. They will also aid in the verification of Trichodesmium remote sensing algorithms, as well as biogeochemical ocean forecast systems such as the eReefs.
Years: 2019

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Rob Beaman (JCU) RV Investigator research voyage in2019_t02, titled “Deep seascapes of the Great Barrier Reef: Uncovering submarine canyons and landslides.”
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