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Title: First measurements of nitrate isotopic composition in the Coral Sea
Id: 2497
Investigator(s): Dirk Erler
Southern Cross University [details]

Description: Upwelling is known to be an important source of nitrate to the outer reef ecosystems of the GBR. However, the frequency and duration of upwelling events, as well as the penetration of nitrate rich water into the GBR lagoon is poorly understood because of a lack of long-term records. It is now possible to reconstruct spatial and temporal patterns of upwelling at the century-scale using a new coral skeleton isotopic technique. However, this technique is fundamentally reliant on knowing the nitrogen isotopic content of deep ocean nitrate in the Coral Sea. To date, no such data exists for the Coral Sea adjacent to the GBR. This project aims to measure the nitrogen isotopic content of nitrate in the Coral Sea.
Years: 2019

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Rob Beaman (JCU) RV Investigator research voyage in2019_t02, titled “Deep seascapes of the Great Barrier Reef: Uncovering submarine canyons and landslides.”
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