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Title: Deep seascapes of the Great Barrier Reef: Uncovering submarine canyons and landslides
Id: 2496
Investigator(s): Robin Beaman
James Cook University - School of Earth and Environmental Sciences [details]

Description: Our overall aim is to better understand the deep (>100 m) underwater landscapes (or seascapes) of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) by determining the spatial extent, character and timing of the primary erosive features that have sculpted the GBR margin: the submarine canyons and landslides. We will achieve this by combining geophysical data collected from this voyage, with previously collected bathymetric and sub-bottom profile data and sediment cores to: (A) Improve the bathymetric datasets available for the GBR continental slope and construct a comprehensive new inventory of the key landslides and canyons and their detailed geomorphic traits. (B) Provide information at the regional-scale regarding the sedimentary processes and evolution of the margin, as a crucial first step towards understanding landslide susceptibility, tsunami hazard and improved risk assessments. (C) Characterise the canyon systems on the far northern GBR to allow comparisons with the better-studied canyons on the central GBR, with respect to their geomorphic variability, gradients and relationship to shelf-edge reefs. (D) Provide new data to construct and validate numerical, basin-scale, stratigraphic forward models used to test sedimentary source-to-sink processes in this mixed siliciclastic-carbonate setting. (E) Provide the site survey data for a future International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Ancillary Project Letter (APL) proposal, to core the canyon deposits and recover coarse-grained, shallow-water carbonate sediments shed from the shelf, to better constrain the timing of the onset of the GBR.

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Rob Beaman (JCU) RV Investigator research voyage in2019_t02, titled “Deep seascapes of the Great Barrier Reef: Uncovering submarine canyons and landslides.”
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