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Title: Sustained monitoring of the EAC: mass, heat and freshwater transports.
Id: 2453
Investigator(s): Bernadette Sloyan
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Remo Cossu
University of Queensland [details]

Description: The East Australian Current (EAC) is a complex and highly energetic western boundary system in the south-western Pacific off eastern Australia. It closes the South Pacific subtropical gyre, transporting heat, salt and other nutrients southward and onto the continental shelf. Off Brisbane (27o S) the EAC, is north of the high eddy variability region, approaches its maximum strength and is relatively uniform and coherent. The mooring array is located near the existing long-term XBT transect and satellite altimetry ground tracks. The aim of this observing system is to capture the mean and timevarying flow of the EAC. This EAC mooring array is a component of IMOS. These observation will provide an intensive reference set of measurements of the EAC over a sustained period for improved understanding of the relationship of EAC with the basin-scale South Pacific gyre, its impact of the coastal marine ecosystem, and validation and interpretation of the current system in numerous climate and ocean models.
Remarks: ANDRES 20200110: THIS PROJECT IS DEPRECATED, CONSOLIDATED BY PROJECT 2463 "Integrated Marine Observing System: monitoring of East Australian Current property transports at 27 degrees South (multi-year)"


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