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Project details

Title: WAMSI Project 2.2.8 Knowledge integration and Management Strategy Evaluation
Id: 2428
Acronym: WAMSI Project 2.2.8
Investigator(s): Fabio Boschetti
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Floreat [details]

Description: The project explores the possible and desired futures of the Kimberly region, addressing specifically the cumulative effects of various human impacts and activities. At present, there is a high level of uncertainty about how the Kimberley system works and what future stressors it may encounter. The future of the Kimberley system will be determined by the interaction between many forces: the economy, ecological processes, social development, climate change, human population dynamics, resource extraction and many others. These processes influence one another, leading to highly complex systems. The project has two objectives: (1) The first objective is to develop two computer models (using ALCES and Ecopath with Ecosim EwE) to improve our understanding of the likely impacts of increasing human pressure and climate change at a regional scale and to integrate the knowledge and information generated by other projects, the model projected output to the year 2050. (2) The second objective is to employ the Management Strategy Evaluation framework to engage stakeholders and to communicate the modelling results to key decision makers. What futures we explore will be determined in consultation with stakeholders and interested parties. The success of this project depends crucially on addressing the main issues, questions and concerns about the future of the Kimberley region. The result of this study will support key state and local decision-makers.
Years: 2013 to 2015
Hierachy: CSIRO Ocean and Atmosphere Flagship

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