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Project details

Title: Threatened, Endangered and Protected Species (TEPS)
Id: 2422
Investigator(s): Geoff Tuck

Description: Original catch data is provided strictly in-confidence by various international agencies including AFMA (Australian Fisheries Management Authority) and IATTC (Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission). The source data consists primarily of longline effort data (year, monthly catch quantity, latitude, longitude) in csv or text format. Computer modelling written in R includes population modelling, assessing the impact of fishery by-catch on seabird ecology, overlap of fishery and seabird distribution. The models take the fishery effort data, population parameters from a specific seabird population and estimate the annual bycatch and subsequent population trajectory. Outputs are plots of numbers of breeding pairs, number fledged, juvenile survival, adults survival, bycatch by life-stage and by fishery. These data once published in journals are made public.
Years: 2012 to 2013

There are no surveys directly linked to this project.

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