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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: Z. Chase (UTAS, IMAS)
Id: 2410
Acronym: National Facility user: Chase Zanna
Investigator(s): Zanna Chase

Years: 2013

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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Z. Chase (UTAS, IMAS) MNF RV Southern Surveyor - Research Transit Voyage ss2013_t01. Oceanographic Methods training unit- (part of the Master of Marine and Antarctic Science degree program- IMAS, University of Tasmania) Scientific Objectives This voyage will provide students with experience at sea and training in standard methods in chemical and biological oceanography The main objectives are to have students (after completing this voyage) able to: - plan a scientific voyage at sea - describe how different scientific instruments work, their area of use, limitations, and nature of collected data - analyze, interpret and present data from a subset of oceanic instrumentation - write a scientific report - understand the working routines onboard a research vessel such as the Southern Surveyor
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