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Project details

Title: WOCE SR3 transect
Id: 2397
Acronym: WOCE SR3
Investigator(s): Steve Rintoul
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: Repeat oceanographic surveys of the WOCE SR3 transect from Hobart to Mertz
Years: 1991
Hierachy: Oceans & Climate Program

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
AU 2007/08 V6 CASO

Steve Rintoul (CMAR) CASO - Climate of Southern Ocean

Martin Riddle (AAD) CEAMARC/CASO - Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census / Climate of Southern Ocean
AU 2004/05 V3 ORKCA

Steve Rintoul (CMAR) 2004/05 Voyage V3 - Reference name used by ACE CRC is au0403 ORCKA - Oceanographic Research CLIVAR-195, Kerguelen and the Antarctic
AU 2002/03 V4 KAOS

Steve Nicol (AAD) KAOS - Krill Acoustics Oceanographic Survey
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