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Title: National Facility External Users: A. Bowie (ACE CRC) Australasian GEOTRACES
Id: 2379
Acronym: National Facility External Users: Bowie, A.
Investigator(s): Andrew Bowie
Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre [details]

Years: 2011

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A. Bowie (ACE CRC UTAS) Voyage objectives The main objective of this transit voyage is to move the vessel from Hobart to Sydney prior to IN2016_V04. The objectives listed below are complementary with the transit. 1. Natural iron fertilisation of the oceans around Australia: linking terrestrial dust and bushfires to marine biogeochemistry Oceans play a vital role in Earth's climate through the control of atmospheric CO2. An important component of this system is the iron cycle, in which iron-rich aerosols are transported from land via atmosphere to ocean. Iron is a key micronutrient for marine phytoplankton, the scarcity of which controls essential biogeochemical processes. This project will facilitate an integrated ship-based atmospheric observational program for trace elements in oceans around Australia. During the voyages, we will sample and conduct experiments on atmospheric particles containing terrestrial dust, bushfire smoke and anthropogenic emissions that are transported from Australia to its surrounding oceans. This will provide the critical information on atmospheric iron supply for ocean fertility and health, providing the science for predicting a key factor in the future impact of the oceans on climate. The project supports the training and research of two postgraduate PhD students from IMAS-UTAS. 2. We will also opportunistically collect event-based clean rainwater samples using either a polyethylene funnel and collection bottle (when conditions allow) or a Dual Chimney Precipitation Sampler (N-Con Systems model 00-127; currently on order), to quantify the trace metal deposition in the 'bulk' and 'precipitate-only' fractions. Ideally samples would be collected on upper and forward decks, either above the bridge or at the bow when heading into the wind.

A. Bowie (ACE-CRC) Research Voyage ss2011_v02 Australian-New Zealand GEOTRACES GP13 Australasian GEOTRACES: A collaborative international study of the marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopes along a zonal section (GP13) of the Pacific Ocean east of Australia. Scientific Objectives: This project will undertake an integrated oceanographic transect and dust monitoring program for iron, other trace elements, and their isotopes (TEIs) along the western end of the GP13 zonal section (~30oS) east of Australia. Our innovative measurement and analysis strategy will identify processes and quantify fluxes that control the distributions of key TEIs in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, and establish the sensitivity of these distributions to changing environmental conditions. We will use a series of novel techniques to fingerprint the sources, sinks and internal cycling of TEIs, focussing on the atmospheric delivery of irondust to the remote ocean. This project will provide maximum scientific reward for evaluating future global change, and has strong international collaborative activity under the auspices of the international GEOTRACES ( program. Outcomes of this project will be an improved ability to predict climate-driven changes in the supply and biogeochemistry of trace elements in ocean waters around Australia. Our research will quantify the importance of atmospheric dust for marine ecosystem health, help inform Government policy on ocean iron fertilisation as a carbon sequestration strategy, and provide a broad basis for evaluating future climatic changes in coupled atmospheric ocean processes. Extracted from voyage plan, please read plan for full details.
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