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Project details

Title: ACCSP - Ocean Carbon Cycles (1.4)
Id: 2301
Investigator(s): Bronte Tilbrook
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 2006 to 2007

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 09/2008

Bronte Tilbrook (CMAR) Voyage Objectives Baseline carbon chemistry of the GBR. The objective of the voyage is to obtain the first detailed data on the mid to large-scale carbon chemistry of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) system. The voyage will only cover the dry winter months and future voyages may be needed to capture the variability through other seasons. The voyage will cover the region from the Kupuntutu Passage near Cape Direction in the far North to the Capricorn Group near Gladstone and include cross-shelf and along shelf variability. The data collected will provide an understanding of how the chemistry of Coral Sea waters that exchange with the GBR lagoon are modified by calcification and primary production, and will be a benchmark for assessing the progress of acidification on the GBR in future years. Samples will be collected using a combination of underway sampling from the ship's clean seawater supply, cross-shelf CTD sections extending into the Coral Sea, and by sampling along the axis of the GBR lagoon. The samples will be analysed onboard for carbon system parameters, nutrients, oxygen and salinity. An underway system will be used to continuously measure the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the surface waters and an equilibrator inlet mass spectrometer will be used to monitor oxygen/argon ratios to estimate net community production of the reef system.... Piggy-back Projects Biology, geology and hydrodynamics of brittle star beds in dunefields and the biota of Halimeda mounds. Principal Investigators: Dr J. Webster (JCU), Dr. M. Byrne (USYD) and Dr R. Beaman(JCU).... Taken from the SS200809 voyage plan.
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