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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: J. Webster (JCU)
Id: 2247
Acronym: National Facility User: Webster. J
Investigator(s): Jody Webster
James Cook University - Department of Marine Biology [details]

Years: 2007

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 07/2007

J. Webster (JCU) Evolution of drowned shelf edge reefs in the GBR: implications for understanding abrupt climate change, coral reef response and modern deep water benthic habitats.
Scientific Objectives
  1. To define the ages of the succession of the shelf edge reefs.
  2. To define the spatial extent and biological composition of such structures.
  3. To understand their relationship to past sea levels, how they grew and the cause of their demise.
  4. To define the composition of the biological communities currently using the dead reefs as growth substrates and habitats.
  5. To establish a complete data set that will encourage international scientific drilling of the reefs.
Voyage Objectives
  1. To map four study sites along the Queensland margin where the approximate location of submerged reefs is known.
  2. To conduct seabed optical ground-truthing using high-resolution underwater stereoscopic video as well as a high-resolution multibeam system mounted on a state-of-the-art AUV.
  3. To collect dredge rock samples from the tops of the shelf edge reefs.
(Taken from SS07/2007 voyage plan.)
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