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Project details

Title: South-west Australian Coastal Biogeochemistry
Id: 2244
Acronym: WAMSI code 1.1
Investigator(s): John Keesing
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Floreat [details]

Description: Data from Southern Surveyor voyage SS04-2007 10 May ¿ 6 June 2007
Years: 2006 to 2011
Hierachy: Integrated Coastal and Oceans Management » Western Australian coasts


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 04/2007

P. Thompson (CSIRO) Pelagic ecosystem productivity and dynamics off the west coast of Western Australia.
Voyage Objectives
Initially the voyage will survey the shallow habitats near Perth to assess benthic productivity. Swath mapping, video 'samples', dredges, grabs and box cores are to be collected. Rates of primary production and nutrient efflux will be measured from box cores. Animals and plants will be sorted and stored for analysis later.
The voyage will then be based on 13 CTD onshore-offshore transects undertaken every degree of latitude from Northest Cape to Capes Naturaliste and Leewin. Each transect will extend from 25-30m to 2000m with stations set at 25m, 50m, 75m, 100m, 200m, 300m, ~500m, 750m, 1000m and 2000m.
Each transect let will have a seasoar return leg to give high verticle and horizontal resolution of temperature, salinity and fluorescence. These will be used to locate a station in the middle of the Leeuwin current on each CTD transect.
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