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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: J. Kennard (Geoscience Australia)
Id: 2234
Acronym: National Facility External Users: J. Kennard
Investigator(s): John Kennard
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Years: 2006

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 06/2006

J. Kennard (Geoscience Australia) Voyage Objective
Areas of potential hydrocarbon seepage have been identified from existing regional seismic, bathymetry, echo-sounder and remote sensing (SAR synthetic aperture radar data). A number of prioritised areas were surveyed and mapped using multibeam swath bathymetry, 12 & 120 kHz echo-sounder, 120 kHz side-scan sonar, 1.5 kHz sub-bottom profiler and near-surface water fluorometer (generally via the vessels seawater intake system). This data provided information on bathymetry, nature of the seafloor, sediment types, sub-seabed stratigraphy and faulting, and potential evidence for shallow gas. This data was then used to select specific sampling sites. These sampling sites were chosen to reflect a range of areas of suspected natural hydrocarbon seepage for geochemical and sedimentological sampling (CTDs, grabs, gravity cores, vibro cores, dredges and seafloor video-camera footage).
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