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Project details

Id: 2227
Investigator(s): Paul Holper
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Aspendale [details]

Years: 2004 to 2005

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
ST 03/2009

S. Holmes (USYD) Hobart to Sydney Transit. For Holmes & Figueira, the main purpose on the voyage is to introduce University students to life and work on board an oceanographic research vessel, experience a variety of different sampling methods, carry out some on board experimentation and expose them to some of Australias deep sea fauna. The students will have two scientific aims: 1) to examine the deep sea fauna of the Bass Canyon and investigate how faunal composition changes with bathymetry and bottom composition; 2) to examine the distribution of larval fish along the Eastern shelf of Tasmania and conduct a series of onboard experiments to examine the relationship between temperature and otolith growth increments.............. For Kloser, the voyage provides an ongoing opportunity to use vessel transit time to complete a national mapping of the upper-mid slope seabed with multi-beam mapping and associated ecological interpretation........... Taken from the Marine National Facility voyage plan.
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