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Project details

Title: WFO - Characterisation and inventory of benthic ecosystems of the South Western Region using optimised mapping techniques
Id: 2213
Acronym: WFO - Characterisation benthic ecosystems
Investigator(s): Alan Williams
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 2005 to 2007


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SS 10/2005

Dr A Williams (CSIRO) Mr R Kloser (CSIRO)

Southern Surveyor research voyage SS200510.
Dr Alan Williams (Chief Scientist, Leg 1), Mr Rudy Kloser (Chief Scientist, Leg 2)

The aims of the project are:
1) to apply targeted field-based observation to develop, test, refine and validate multiple use management frameworks developed for the SW Region as part of Regional Marine Planning under Australias Oceans Policy
2) explore and characterise marine ecosystems of the SW Region.

Voyage Objectives
At depths of 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 700 m and 1000 m on transects in
focus areas, and 100 m and 400 m at latitude sites, sampling will:
1. Collect benthic invertebrate epifauna and infauna using benthic sleds
2. Fill gaps in the sediment sampling program from SS0705
3. Fill gaps in the swath mapping program from SS0705

SS 07/2005

Dr Alan Williams (CSIRO) Mr Rudy Kloser (CSIRO) Southern Surveyor National Facility voyage SS200507.
Principal Investigators
Dr Alan Williams (Chief Scientist, Leg 1)
Mr Rudy Kloser (Chief Scientist, Leg 2)
Dr Nic Bax
Mapping benthic ecosystems on the deep continental shelf and slope in Australias South West Region to understand evolution and biogeography and support implementation of the SW Regional Marine Plan and Commonwealth Marine Protected Areas. (Leg 1: 21 July - 3 August 2005. Leg 2: 4 August - 17 August 2005).
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