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Title: Southern Bluefin Tuna Recruitment Monitoring Program 2004-05
Id: 2186
Acronym: SBT Recruitment Monitoring 2004-05
Investigator(s): Alistair Hobday
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: There are three proposed research activities for 2004-05 RMP: 1. Aerial survey indices of juvenile abundance in the GAB: re-establishing a full scientific aerial line-transect survey and continuing the SAPUE commercial spotting data collection. 2. Acoustic monitoring in WA: determine if SBT are migrating outside the Japanese acoustic survey region and continued studies of fish behaviour, habitat preferences, with tagging of age-1 SBT 3. Integrated analyis project. Synthesis of the acoustic, archival, and survey data into an integrated model of juvenile SBT behavior. CSIRO is seeking support for the first component (an aerial survey and commercial spotting data collection) from the SBTMAC RSC and DAFF. Much effort over the last 10 years has been directed at development of a relative index of juvenile SBT abundance based on a scientific aerial survey using dedicated tuna spotters and aircraft. Validation of survey assumptions has also been a major research focus, including archival tagging and acoustic tracking projects. In the year 2000 it seemed that the ability to detect changes in juvenile SBT abundance using the scientific aerial survey index was limited. A recommendation from an aerial survey workshop, held to address some of the concerns, was to suspend the survey for a year (2001) and complete analysis and synthesis of existing data. A decision to continue or end the scientific aerial survey could then be made on the merits of the data, in particular the ability to detect changes in abundance. A significant amount of effort has been directed at improving the index by incorporating information from the supporting projects, such as archival tag-derived surfacing behaviours with regard to environmental conditions. The analysis of the 1993-2000 aerial survey data has now been completed and concluded that the scientific aerial survey does provide a suitable indicator of SBT abundance in the GAB. It has also been recognized that the level of uncertainty is simil
Years: 2004 to 2005

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