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Title: Ecological Risk Assessment for Commonwealth Fisheries: Stage 2
Id: 2165
Acronym: Ecological Risk Assessment Stage 2
Investigator(s): Alistair Hobday
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: In October 2001, AFMA initiated a process to develop ecological risk assessments for its managed fisheries. The project, entitled Ecological Risk Assessment for Commonwealth Fisheries (ERACF) completed its first phase in July 2004. Stage 1 of the project involved the development of a method for undertaking ecological risk assessment for the effects of fishing (ERAEF), and its application to 14 of AFMA's fisheries (although full assessment has not been completed for all 14 fisheries). ERAEF is a hierarchical approach, moving from a broad but qualitative Level 1 analysis, known as SICA, through a semi-quantitative Level 2 (PSA), to a fully quantitative Level 3 analysis. At each level, lower risk activities and ecological components and units are screened out, while higher risks are either dealt with through a risk mitigation management response, or are evaluated at the next level. Moving to a higher level of analysis reduces the uncertainty, but is more demanding in terms of data, time and costs of analysis. Stage 1 of the project developed and applied the Level 1 and Level 2 analyses, but did not apply the Level 3 analyses to any fisheries. Further, the Level 2 analyses that were conducted for 20 sub-fisheries did not incorporate additional fishery specific data (such as catch data or spatial analysis of effort). The current Level 2 is based on general attributes of species and habitats often derived from Fish Base or from the literature. In addition, external review of the method identified improvements that could be made to the Level 2 analyses that would help further reduce the uncertainties associated with risk estimates. Although management actions can be taken on the basis of the current Level 1 and 2 analyses, AFMA has asked for further analyses at Level 2 before requesting MACs to advise on risk mitigation measures and responses. Stage 2 of the ERACF project is intended to address these issues by continuing the development of the ERAEF method and its appli
Years: 2004 to 2006

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