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Project details

Title: WFO - National Framework for MSE
Id: 2155
Investigator(s): Keith Sainsbury
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: This project is motivated by three interlinked issues. (1) The importance of CMR consolidating and demonstrating in the scientific literature its capacity for scientific support for integrated multiple use management. Such scientific papers are ultimately the benchmark by which scientific quality is judged, for the organisation and its individuals, and which attracts quality co-investment in research projects. (2) The importance of maintaining strong and positive links with WA regulators of the marine environment and industries. These WA regulators are very keen to make ongoing use of the understanding and products developed through NWSJEMS, both on the NWS and elsewhere, but currently there is no sufficiently capable WA agency to transfer this knowledge to. Ultimately SRFME (probably through SRFME II) should meet this need, but in the short to medium term the scientific capability and existing priorities of SRFME will greatly limit what can be done. There is a risk that WA will be unable to use the NWSJEMS understanding and products on the NWS and Ningaloo Reef, which will undermine CMR credibility in WA. Through this proposed project CMR will maintain a mechanism from which to build and deliver externally funded or co-investment application projects in WA. This should also help in the negotiation of SRFME II. (3) The desirability of exploring opportunities for CMR to apply the NWSJEMS understanding and products in area beyond WA. Many governments and regulators, within Australia and beyond, are actively seeking scientific support for integrated management of the human uses of marine ecosystems. Some of these developments are in existing WFO projects and others are under development. So this project is essentially a bridging project  to allow CSIRO to consolidate the scientific benefits of the study after completion of NWSJEMS, to allow applications transfer of capability to CMR in WA, and to explore options for applications beyond WA.
Years: 2004 to 2006

There are no surveys directly linked to this project.

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