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Project details

Title: WFO - Western Port - Scoping Study
Id: 2153
Investigator(s): David McDonald
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: There is a common theme in past and current practice of information failure: information about impacts and interactions in both biophysical and socioeconomic systems has either been absent, or has not been available to decision makers and stakeholders in industry and natural resource management. Rapidly improving scientific observation, understanding and predictive capability have improved knowledge of biophysical and socioeconomic systems, but progress in linking science to management has been comparatively slow. However, recent independent advances in renewable resource management, and in economic theory, promise solutions to the information bottleneck between science and management. This study will combine, for the first time, the management strategy evaluation techniques developed for fisheries science, with novel instruments developed to address environmental information gaps in economic decisions. By linking smart technologies and new theories from multiple disciplines, these new tools can provide a coordinated approach to policy development and natural resource management, and support the integrated management of multiple uses in an explicit and transparent manner. The aim of the current project is to develop and demonstrate such tools and methods using Western Port and its Catchment as a case study This scoping work will lay the foundations for a much larger study capable of transforming the management of Western Port from a multitude of sectoral based plans to multiple-use management based on comprehensive management strategy evaluations. This would represent the first attempt at such an approach in a coastal bay with the impacts associated with a high surrounding population.
Years: 2004 to 2005

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