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Project details

Title: ESA - Sustainable Marine Ecosystems Framework
Id: 2139
Investigator(s): John Parslow
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: The Goal is to establish robust tools for multiple-use management of marine resources. Marine ecosystems and their healthy functioning are the basis of marine industries and a multitude of human services and uses. These uses and services affect the marine ecosystem, as well as providing the human benefits sought. Achieving sustainable benefits relies on getting the balance of use and impacts right. In the past, each use and impact has been assessed and managed more or less in isolation, and this misses a crucial point - that the human socioeconomic system and the ecosystem supporting them are interacting systems and ultimately they must be treated holistically. Conserving Australia's unique natural marine heritage in the face of mounting multiple-use pressures requires a sound scientific underpinning. Especially important is a sophisticated understanding of the processes that link current and prospective human-induced pressures with economic response. This is not a new lesson - on land Australiahas learned this the hard way and is now confronted with repairing fractured ecosystems and loss of productive land at huge cost. CMR is an acknowledged world-leader in multiple use management of marine ecosystems (as recognised by Dr Keith Sainsbury's Japan Prize). The science will provide: risk assessments, incorporate uncertainties, and test the ability of proposed management strategies to deliver desired outcomes for management of Australia's most sensitive and valuable marine regions; consolidate and improve the scientific methods to measure, predict and evaluate strategies for multiple-use management at the national level; and, develop international collaboration and case studies to enhance Australia's capacity and capability, and to build international application opportunities for Australian science.
Years: 2004 to 2007

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