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Project details

Title: Anecdotal information collection about NPF bycatch, habitat and environment, and commercial trawling
Id: 2129
Acronym: Anecdotal information collection - NPF
Investigator(s): Brian Taylor
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Dutton Park [details]

Description: The ides for this project was originally discussed at the by-catch monitoring project forum where anecdotal information about by-catch was being collected from commercial operators. It was acknowledged that industry holds a vast knowledge base extending far beyond by-catch issues and that we should explore the possibility of diversifying the process of documenting this knowledge. Discussions with several other CSIRO project staff then took place and a decision was made to apply for funding to allow this anecdotal information to be collected and documented. The collection and documentation of historical and current anecdotal information (observation and interpretation) from commercial NPF operators will not only provide an insight into the fishery from a different perspective, but will also provide a description of some aspects of the NPF which would be expensive to collect through normal research projects. Some of the information collected will provide CSIRO with ideas and knowledge to help plan new projects and to supplement other research data collection. It will provide an indocation of whether results are universal or localised and will assist our understanding of the effect of some of the management measures implemented over the life of the fishery, including those instigated from CSIRO research.
Years: 2004 to 2005

There are no surveys directly linked to this project.

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