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Project details

Title: Examining the movement and residency of adult SBT in the Tasman Sea and on their spawning grounds south of Indonesia using pop-up archival tags
Id: 2094
Acronym: Movement of adult SBT using pop-up archival tags
Investigator(s): John Gunn
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: This proposal (and a sister project run under the CCSBT SRP using conventional tags on fish released by the Australian domestic longline fishery) seeks to address key questions regarding the movements and residency patterns of adult SBT in the Tasman Sea: 1. How long do adult SBT spend in the Tasman Sea each winter? 2. How do they move away from the Tasman Sea  via New Zealand, or south past the Tasmanian east coast? 3. Do individuals return to the Tasman Sea each winter? 4. Do all adult SBT make a migration to the spawning grounds each year? 5. Are there discrete areas in the NE Indian Ocean where SBT spawn (that could be closed to fishing as a method of controlling the take of SBT in the Indonesian fishery)? 6. How long do individuals spend on the spawning grounds? The proposal will use methods and tags tested and successfully used overseas on Atlantic Bluefin by researchers at Stanford University, USA and in Australia on black marlin, SBT and Bigeye tuna by CSIRO scientists (Gunn and Block 2002, Gunn et al. 2003). The project is designed to run for three years, releasing 25 tags in the first year, and a total of 35 over the following two years. Analyses will be reported annually to the CCSBT Stock Assessment Group and Scientific Committee, and the final report will be presented to the CCSBT and submitted for international peer review. The project results (ie. habitat preference and movement data collected by the PATs) will also feed directly into adaptive management models currently being developed as a collaboration between AFMA and CSIRO to assist the delineation of restricted access areas within the East Coast Tuna and Billfish Fishery (ET&BF) at times SBT are migrating up the Australian east coast.
Years: 2004 to 2007

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