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Project details

Title: Biological Oceanography - Climate Change 1987-1990
Id: 189
Acronym: Climate Change
Investigator(s): Graham Harris
(Former) CSIRO Division of Fisheries/Fisheries Research - Hobart [details]

John Parslow
(Former) CSIRO Division of Fisheries/Fisheries Research - Hobart [details]

Description (full):
Years: 1987
Remarks: Project description in Division of Fisheries Report 1987-1990, p. 71.

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SO 6/88

F.B. Griffiths (CSIRO) Soela cruise SO 6/88 was undertaken to deploy and recover equipment, carry out equipment trials, conduct detailed physical, chemical and biological oceanography in waters off the west, south and east coasts of Tasmania. Leg 1 cruise aims included buoy deployment; recovery of pressure gauge, 4 current meter moorings (previously deployed on SO 3/88) and one from the EZ Company's jarosite dump site (43 degrees 31.1'S, 148 degrees 17'E); CTD transects and ring net plankton sampling at Maria Island, St Helens, Sandy Cape (not achieved), Pt. Hibbs, South West Cape and Tasman Head; to trial the EZ Net electronics and the net frame. Leg 2 cruise aims included sampling across the Subtropical Convergence at about 150 degrees E by carrying out CTD profiles; XBT's; particle size distribution measurements; IYGPT trawls (not achieved); ring net and free-fall plankton net hauls; to collect lantern fish and krill (no krill were found) at the jarosite dump site, and at a second site remote from the first; to collect krill for chemical, biochemical, and heavy metal analysis (not achieved); to locate the Soela seamount using the GPS (not achieved); to dropline and pelagic trawl over a seamount near St. Partrick's Head and to carry out sampling at the Storm Bay Master Station at least twice.
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