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Project details

Title: WESTROPAC-82 - Circulation in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean
Id: 1713
Acronym: WESTROPAC-82
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: A program of three voyages to study circulationin the Coral Sea, water masses in the Thermocline of the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean and Mass Transport between Tasman and Coral Seas in association with the IOC program WESTPAC.
Years: 1982

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SP 11/82

A. Forbes (CSIRO) CTD sections in theTasman Sea between New Caledonia and Sydney. This cruise formed Leg 3 of WESTROPAC '82.
SP 10/82

M. Tomczak (CSIRO) CTD sections in the Pacific Ocean between the Solomon Islands, Nauru, and New Caledonia. This cruise formed Leg 2 of WESTROPAC '82.
SP 09/82

F. Boland (CSIRO) CTD sections along the north coast of New South Wales, then across the Coral Sea between Sydney and Honaira. This cruise formed Leg 1 of WESTROPAC '82.
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