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Title: AUROREX - investigation of Australian shelf and oceanic boundary currents.
Id: 1712
Acronym: AUROREX
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: Circumnavigate Australia to gather baseline hydrographic data for the investigation of boundary currents of the shelf and oceanic boundaries, east and west.
Years: 1982

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SP 07/82

B. Scott (CSIRO) This cruise forms Leg V (final leg) of the AUROREX series, and involved collaboration of CSIRO Oceanography with 6 other agencies. Objectives were to survey continental slope currents around Bass Strait and Tasmania, to study phytoplankton and zooplankton at selected stations in Bass Strait, and to lay wave recorders and moored current meters in Bass Strait. XBT profiles were taken in Bass Strait, around Tasmania, and through VIC and NSW waters to Sydney.
SP 06/82

S. Godfrey (CSIRO) Between Fremantle and Portland, undertook 117 CTD stations on 28 sections, plus 101 underway XBT profiles, surface temperature and salinity measurements. Also released 4 satellite-tracked buoys and made 4 phytoplankton. This cruise formed leg IV of AUROREX.
SP 05/82

R. Thompson (CSIRO) Between Broome and Fremantle, undertook 43 CTD stations/sections across the Leeuwin Current, plus underway 31 XBT profiles, surface temperature and salinity measurements. Also picked up one current meter mooring off Cape Inscriptionl released 2 satellite-tracked buoys; made 5 phytoplankton drop-net stations and 12 larval fish tows; and dredged for echinoderms in Shark Bay and Geebrink Channel. This cruise formed leg III of AUROREX.
SP 04/82

R. Edwards (CSIRO) Oceanographic sampling, sediment sampling, plankton sampling and benthic dredges, between Darwin and Broome, including the Timor Sea on and off the continental shelf.
Note: This cruise formed leg II of AUROREX.
SP 03B/82

A. Forbes (CSIRO) Oceanographic studies, seismic sections, bottom sampling, trawling and phytoplankton sampling in the Gulf of Carpentaria, and Arafura Sea between Weipa and Darwin.
Note: This cruise formed leg I of AUROREX: part B.
SP 03A/82

J. Church (CSIRO) Oceanographic studies of NSW and QLD coast between Sydney and the eastern Gulf of Carpentaria including Great Barrier Reef area.
This cruise formed leg I of AUROREX: Part A.
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