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Project details

Title: Victorian Institue of Marine Sciences (VIMS) Bass Strait Study
Id: 1709
Acronym: VIMS Bass Strait study
Investigator(s): R. Edwards
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: The Victorian Institue of Marine Sciences (VIMS) Bass Strait Study began in 1978, with a view to gaining an integrated understanding of this body of water. It consisted of over 30 projects involving individuals from at least 14 institutions, including CSIRO Division of Fisheries and Oceanography.
Years: 1978 to 1985

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
SP 07/83

A. Forbes (CSIRO) CTD and PDR sections out from Helensburg, NSW and Cape Howe, Vic (for the future ACE project), plus ab XBT section across a warm-core eddy. Also gear trials with respect to mooring deployment/retrieval, and CTD modifications.
SP 04/83

A. McEwan (CSIRO) Biological and hydrological sampling across an eddy off the NSW coast, including CTD stations, Niskin sampling, and plankton tows. Surface fluorescence and particle size distribution were also monitored continuously, and a satellite-tracked buoy was released.
SP 03/83

B. Scott (RAN Research Laboratory) Deployment of wave recorders and current meters in Bass Strait; XBT sections and bottle casts in eastern Bass Strait and across warm-core eddies off the New South Wales coast.
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