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Title: North West Shelf - Joint Environmental Management Study - 02-03
Id: 1708
Acronym: NWS - JEMS - 02-03
Investigator(s): Keith Sainsbury
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Description: NWSJEMS was a A$7.7m marine environmental study of the North West Shelf, jointly funded by CSIRO and the Western Australian Government. The overarching objective was to develop and demonstrate practical science-based methods that could support integrated regional planning and multiple-use management of the North West Shelf marine ecosystems. The first major component of the study was compiling, extending and integrating information and understanding of the ecosystems and human activities of the North West Shelf. This included reviews of existing information, collation of existing data, filling key gaps through collection of new data, and development of new data products such as maps and habitat classifications. The second component was the development of a range of ecological models that combined data products with process understanding to generate new insights into the dynamics of the North West Shelf system and provide a predictive capability. The models included ocean currents and connectivity, sediment transport, nutrient cycling and primary production, food web interactions, and habitat dynamics. The third component was the development of a new modelling framework for evaluating the effectiveness of strategies for managing major sectors operating on the North West Shelf. This required representation of the ecosystem, the human sectors, and a simulated monitoring and management decision process. The framework was used to evaluate management strategies under various scenarios, taking into account known uncertainties, so as to identify strategies that could robustly meet management objectives. The fourth component was integral to the success of the study. It was the development of tools that allowed both study participants and a broader user group to access, explore and retrieve study results, including data products and model outputs. Where feasible, these were developed as online interactive tools or distributed on DVD.
Years: 2002 to 2004
Hierachy: National Ecologically Sustainable Development


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