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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: T. McConachy (ANU)
Id: 1704
Acronym: National Facility user: McConachy, T.
Investigator(s): Timothy McConachy
CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining - North Ryde [details]

Years: 2001

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 03/2002

Dr Tim McConachy (CSIRO) Investigate Submarine hydrothermal activity and volcanic petrogenesis associated with the birth of island arcs in the Solomon Islands.
FR 08/2001

Dr Timothy F McConachy (CSIRO Exploration and Mining) This voyage is to study seafloor and sub-seafloor hydrothermal ore-forming activity in order to develop improved methods of exploring for ancient mineral deposits on land that originally formed by similar processes.
From Noumea, around the southern end of New Caledonia and then NE towards Anatom Islandwhere submarine activity is recorded on published nautical charts. From there NNW with local zig-zags in the East Coriolis Seamount Chain, Fortuna, Erromango and Vate Basins and then to near Epi Island to investigate the Kuwae caldera before departing for Brisbane.
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