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Project details

Title: Marine Inorganic Chemistry 1985-1989
Id: 1529
Acronym: Marine Inorganic Chemistry
Investigator(s): Denis Mackey
(Former) CSIRO Division of Oceanography - Hobart [details]

Years: 1985 to 1989

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 07/89

E. Butler (CSIRO), including other Pis Cruise FR 07/89 was undertaken as a joint Australian-New Zealand initiative to investigate the physical and chemical features of the waters of Foveaux Strait and neighbouring waters around the South Island of New Zealand. Two other piggyback projects were also undertaken: XBT sections along orbital path of GEOSAT satellite from the vicinity of Gascoyne seamount in the Tasman Sea to 43 deg. 18' S, 160 deg. 39'E and dredging of rock samples from Doubtful Sound, Foveaux Strait and at other stations on the continental shelf. Survey methods included CTD casts, Kevlar hydro-line, XBTs, grabs, and other associated instrumentation. Samples of water and sediment were collected for on board and laboratory analysis. A total of 22 XBTs were dropped along the orbital path of the GEOSAT satellite.
FR 10/87

D. Mackey (CSIRO) Cruise FR 10/87 was undertaken to investigate the chemical and biological processes controlling primary production on the North West Shelf and the physical and chemical effects of tidal and wind mixing on nutrient cycling in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Survey methods included sediment trap moorings, grabs, XBTs, CTD casts, radiometer and Turner systems to investigate surface pH and fluorescence, and underway instrumentation. Sediment samples were collected and water samples collected for the analysis of chlorophyll, pigments, dissolved organic carbon, iodine, arsenic, trace metals, coppper complexing capacity, cyanobacteria, bacteria and lipids etc. Also conducted was the deployment of the WOMBAT meteorological buoy and a sediment trap in the centre of the Gulf of Carpentaria.
FR 09/86

D. Mackey (CSIRO) & D. Thomas (University of Tasmania) Cruise FR09/86 was undertaken to study the interaction between physical, chemical and biological processes and their influence on primary and secondary production in the Southern Ocean. Survey methods included XBT's, CTD casts, SEASTAR deployments, underwater light meter profiles, underway and other associated instrumentation related to the work. Samples were collected for on board and laboratory analyses.
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