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Project details

Title: Large-scale Ocean Dynamics and Climate 1985-1989
Id: 1526
Acronym: Large-scale Ocean Dynamics and Climate
Investigator(s): Stuart Godfrey
(Former) CSIRO Division of Oceanography - Hobart [details]

Years: 1985 to 1989

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 04/88

E. Lindstrom & J.S. Godfrey (CSIRO), including other Pis Cruise FR 04/88 forms part of the 3 following projects; Equatorial mixed layer and undercurrent turbulence experiment; Heat and freshwater budget north of Papua New Guinea and Petrology - geochemistry of lavas from seamounts in the New Guinea region. Cruise objectives included to measure temperature, salinity, and velocity finestructure and microstructure at the bottom of the tropical upper ocean mixed layer and in the Equatorial Undercurrent for determination of turbulent heat diffusion and dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy; to examine the structure of water properties and currents adjacent to the northeast coasts of New Ireland, New Guinea, and the southern approaches to New Britain; to measure overall mean values of ocean heat storange and radiation balance over a two to four day period in low wind conditions and to dredge from the Manus-Williaumez submarine rise in the Bismarck Sea. Survey methods included Bunyip tows, ADCP, XBTs, CTD casts, meteorological boom, sensors and radiometer measurements, dredges, underway instrumentation and TOGA buoy deployment. Samples were collected for on board and laboratory analysis.
FR 04/87

G. Meyers, J.S. Godfrey & G. Harris (CSIRO) Cruise FR 04/87 forms part of the Leeuwin Current Interdisciplinary Experiment (LUCIE) - formation off North West Shelf. Work completed and data acquired from Fremantle to Port Hedland included CTD, nutrient and biological stations; XBT surveys of the Leeuwin Current, NW cape and in waters near the Rankin Platform; calibration of NOSS/SEAS and Franklin XBT systems against CTD; ADCP and underway data. Data and samples were collected for on board and laboratory analysis.
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