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Project details

Title: Acoustic Thermometry 1995-1998
Id: 1314
Acronym: Acoustic Thermometry
Investigator(s): Andrew Forbes
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Hobart [details]

Years: 1995 to 1998
Hierachy: Oceans & Climate Program » Ocean Processes » Climate Change

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 07/99

A. Forbes (CSIRO) This information was taken from the Cruise Plan.
1. Acoustic Thermometry of the Indian Ocean
The long-term objective of the project is to measure climate scale temperature change in the Indian Ocean. This involves the following more immediate objectives, all aimed at preparing for a future installation of an acoustic source on the seabed.
Map the sound speed structure to find the axial depth of the SOFAR channel in the vicinity of Cocos Is.
Conduct a detailed bathymetric survey of the acoustic source site.
Conduct a detailed bathymetric survey of the proposed cable route to shore
2. COOE Float Deployment
Principal Investigator: Dr. Susan Wijffels
Deployment of up to four profiling PALACE floats to track the South Equatorial Current. At each deployment position along 120S, conduct a 2000m CTD cast.
3. Muirfield Seamount Reconnaissance Survey
Principal Investigator: Graeme Beech, Environment Australia, Canberra, ACT
Objectives: Undertake a preliminary assessment of the geomorphology and fauna of Muirhead Seamount, S of Cocos Is.
Further details are contained in thevoyage report.
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