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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: J. Lowry (Australian Museum)
Id: 119
Acronym: National Facility user: Lowry, J.
Investigator(s): Jim Lowry
Australian Museum [details]

Years: 1989


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 05/89

J. Lowry (Australian Museum), including other PIs Cruise FR 05/89 was undertaken for a survey of the benthic invertebrates from the Lord Howe Rise and prominent submarine seamounts between the NSW coast and the Lord Howe Rise to establish the extent of the fauna in each area and to investigate the diversity of these faunas in relation to the geological age of the seamounts. Survey methods included 34 dredge or sled samples and 15 beam trawls in depths from 131 to 2950 m. A portion of each sediment fraction was saved and preserved. Echinoderms were preserved in 70% ethanol and the other invertebrates were fixed in 10% formalin.The samples are being sorted and catalogued in the Australian Museum.
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