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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: J. Keene (University of Sydney)
Id: 118
Acronym: National Facility user: Keene, J.
Investigator(s): Jock Keene
University of Sydney [details]

Years: 1986

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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 11/98

J. Keene (University of Sydney) Franklin cruise FR 11/98 was undertaken to study the sedimentary geology of the Australian continental margin off the Gippsland Basin, in south-eastern Victoria. This region is of interest because it contains non-tropical marine limestones as well as other sedimentary rock types formed over the past 30 million years. Cruise objectives included to obtain sediment and seismic transects across the shelf; to obtain sediment, bottom photographs and seismic data from three submarine canyon heads and from the slope and proximal basin floor regions; and to obtain rock samples from strata outcropping on the sides of canyons. The results of geophysical, sedimentological and micropaleontological analyses will be used to develop a sedimentological and environmental framework for the modern sediments of the shelf, slope and proximal basins, to correlate the analogous modern sedimentary regime of the offshore Gippsland Basin with that of the Tertiary Seaspray Group, and to assess the rate of propagation and origin of submarine canyon / channel development in slope sediments.
FR 07/86

J. Keene (University of Sydney) including other PIs Cruise FR07/86 was undertaken to investigate erosion and deposition of sediment in Bass Canyon and adjacent abyssal fans, the late-Quaternary sedimentary history of Bass Basin and also the origin and evolution of the seamounts in the Tasman Sea. Forty stations were occupied at depths varying from 32 m in Bass Strait to 4150 m on the abyssal plain. Sampling methods included deep water camera runs, piston cores, grab samples and dredges. Samples collected consisted of basalt from seamounts, manganese crusts, limestone, and other small sediments for laboratory studies.
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