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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: J. Bye (Flinders University)
Id: 117
Acronym: National Facility user: Bye, J.
Investigator(s): John Bye
Flinders University of South Australia - Flinders Inst. Atmos. Mar. Sci. [details]

Years: 1998


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
FR 01/98

J. Bye (Flinders University) Cruise FR 01/98 was primarily undertaken to observe the dynamic topography off the Southern Shelf east of 135 degrees E. Stations occupied by FR 07/94 would be reoccupied to observe recent secular changes in water properties. Other cruise objectives included the parameterisation of the carbon system by high precision measurement of alkalinity and pH; sampling for pilchard larvae over three areas of continental shelf waters, Port MacDonnell, southern Kangaroo Island and Investigator Strait; large volume sampling using a submersible pump for particle composition studies in the area of a sediment trap mooring at 42 degrees S, 141 degrees E. and the determination of the spatial dynamics of surface phytoplankton communities alongtrack using fluorescence and nutrient data. Survey methods included ADCPs, CTDs, bongo/cal-vet plankton nets and underway instrumentation. Samples collected included eggs, larvae, phytoplankton, nutrients, oxygen, pH, alkalinity, salinity, DIC, 13C-DIC, pigments, POC/PON, and DOC for on board and laboratory analyses.
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