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Project details

Title: National Facility External Users: I. Suthers (University of NSW)
Id: 116
Acronym: National Facility user: Suthers, I.
Investigator(s): Iain Suthers
University of New South Wales - Centre for Marine Science [details]

Years: 1994


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Survey InvestigatorDescription

Prof I Suthers (UNSW) Returning to the eddy dynamics at the East Australian Current separation zone, to assess the effects of salphs, eddy size and its source waters. Taken from the Marine National Facility 2009/2010 Voyage Schedule - RV Southern Surveyor.
ST 01/2009

Prof I. Suthers (UNSW) Southern Surveyor Transit voyage (first voyage to use the new acquisition system).
SS 10/2008

Professor Iain Suthers (UNSW) Biological oceanography of coastal cold-core eddies and of salps in the continental shelf waters off the Stockton Bight of eastern Australia. Aims: i) the biological oceanography of small (<50 km diameter, and possibly large) cyclonic eddies off the Stockton Bight in comparison to coastal waters, possibly in conjunction with an IMOS Slocum Glider in late 2008; and ii) the ecology and vertical distribution of salps in shelf waters. The spatial pattern of sampling will take into consideration the synoptic and forecast oceanographic conditions from BlueLink. Voyage Objectives: Work will include EM-300 swath mapping, SeaSoar profiles including some sampling nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, TRP, Si), ADCP and CTD transects will be conducted. Plankton culturing experiments are also planned. See Southern Surveyor Voyage Plan SS 10/2008 for details.
FR 04/94

I. Suthers (University of NSW) including other PIs Cruise FR 04/94 was undertaken to determine the reasons for the daily variability in physical and biological oceanography off the Sydney coast. The baroclinic current structure, and the propagation of internal waves from the shelf break shorewards, and in the corresponding effects of varying deep water masses on ichthyoplankton composition were investigated. Survey methods included CTD and ADCP transects along the "Bondi line" (from Ben Buckler to 20 nm offshore), EZ and surface net tows for plankton sampling, and underway instrumentation. A magnetometer package (under development) was tested on the passage to Hobart. Data, water and biological samples were collected for on board and laboratory analyses. Related cruise FR 02/94.
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