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Project details

Title: "Derwent Hunter" shark tagging and deep-sea fishing, Tasmania, 1950-1955
Id: 11
Acronym: Derwent Hunter fishery surveys, Tasmania 1950s

Years: 1950 to 1955


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Survey InvestigatorDescription
DH 18 (1955)

R. Sweeney, D.J. Rochford, J.P. Robins, W.Dall & others (CSIRO) 2 cruises (cruise nos. 17-18), one deepwater fishing off Tasmanian coast, one in 8 parts for plankton & hydrology, also tuna long-lining
DH 17 (1955)

T.R. Cowper (CSIRO) deepwater fishing off Tasmanian coast
DH 16 (1955)

J. bunt, J.P. robins, R. Downie (CSIRO) Hydrology and tuna longing voyage.
DH 15 (1955)

T.R. Cowper (CSIRO)
DH 14 (1955)

T.R. Cowper (CSIRO) Drop lining and deep longline voyage.
DH 13 (1954)

D.E. Kurth, A.B. Jack, H.R. Jitts (CSIRO) Hydrology and dropling voyage
DH 12 (1954)

T.R. Cowper (CSIRO)
DH 11 (1954)

T.R. Cowper (CSIRO)
DH 10 (1954)

T.R. Cowper (CSIRO) Hydrology and plankton sampling, plus deep longlining for trevally, couta and shark
DH 9 (1953-4)

T.R. Cowper, J. Robins, P. Gartner, M. Blackburn (CSIRO) Hydrology and plankton sampling, pilchard survey, and tuna survey
DH 8 (1953)

P. Gartner (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling, barracouta survey
DH 7 (1953)

M. Blackburn, T.R. Cowper (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling, barracouta survey
DH 6 (1953)

T.R. Cowper, M. Blackburn, P. Gartner (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling, barracouta and shark fishing and tagging
DH 5 (1952)

M. Blackburn, T.R. Cowper, P. Gartner (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling, barracouta, jack mackerel, and shark fishing, plus zooplankton and phytoplankton sampling
DH 4 (1951)

M. Blackburn, P. Gartner, W. Turner (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling, barracouta, tuna, and shark fishing
DH 3 (1951)

P. Gartner, W. Fletcher (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling, barracouta and school shark fishing and tagging
DH 2 (1950)

D. Kurth (CSIRO) Hydrological sampling and shark fishing
DH 1 (1950)

A. Olsen, P. Gartner and others (CSIRO) Hydrology and plankton sampling, gear testing for barracouta and shark fishing and tagging
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