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Title: Development of biological tagging techniques for penaeid prawns (FRDC project nos. 92/037, 93/093) 1993-?
Id: 1007
Acronym: Biological tagging techniques for penaeid prawns
Investigator(s): Nigel Preston
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere - Dutton Park [details]

Description: The objective of this project was to develop novel biological tags for penaeid prawns. The impetus for this research was the growing interest in Australia in the potential for stock-enhancement of penaeid fisheries with hatchery reared juveniles. In any stock- enhancement program some means of differentiating between introduced and wild prawns is needed to monitor the effectiveness of the program. Many different types of tags have been used in fisheries, but none are suitable for penaeid reseeding. For prawns, the tags would ideally be: able to mark individuals at all life history stages; unique to the local population; inexpensive and quick to apply and detect; either transmissible or non-transmissible to subsequent generations; and harmless to both the prawn and consumer (Rothlisberg and Preston 1992). This project examined whether novel chemical and genetic tags could meet these criteria and hence provide a means of monitoring the success of prawn stock-enhancement programs.
Years: 1993 to 2000
Hierachy: Aquaculture & Biotechnology Program » Genetics & Reproduction » Genetic Improvement

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