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Voyage: IN2015_C02 [details]
Subject: ADCP 150 machine restarted
Event Identifier:
When: 2015-12-20 00:09:36 UTC      [entered into Elog as 2015-12-20 00:09:36]

Position from underway logging
Latitude: -35.2498     Longitude: 120.4559
Equipment: ADCP      Linked to equipment register: 75 KHz / 150 KHz ADCP [view]
Action: Reboot

The 150 was found to have red status for its NAV data @00 on 20/12/2015, it appeared that the machine had lost its network connection all together. Network servers couldn't be pinged from it. The host was restarted and it resolved the problem.

Logged by: Anoosh Sarraf      [entered into Elog as Anoosh Sareef]
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