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Voyage: IN2021_V04       [details]
Subject: Butanol Catchpot over flowed and contaminated MFC
When: 2021-07-23 07:58:35 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2021-07-23 07:58:35
Log: in2021_v04/Atmospherics
Equipment: CPC 3750

Condensation Particle Counter (TSI 3750) [view]
Position: Latitude: -35.421 Longitude: 115.579

- entered into Elog as 35 25.26 S, 115 34.74 E
Action: Fault

Catchpot overflowed and there was butanol in the exhaust tube and MFC.

MFC and exhaust tubes were cleaned out and flow adjusted with Gilibrator - MFC setpoint changed to 0.7 lpm which measured 1015ccm with the GiIlibrator.

I checked again around half an hour later and the catchpot was half full! maybe the instrument is flooded? I shut it down for now because it is too rough to be in the Aerosol Lab.

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