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Voyage: IN2021_V03       [details]
Subject: Flow check issues
When: 2021-05-02 01:10:37 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2021-05-02 01:10:37
Log: in2021_v03/Atmospherics
Equipment: SMPS

nano Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (Grimm) [view]
Position: Latitude: -42.88633 Longitude: 147.33883

- entered into Elog as 42 53.18 S, 147 20.33 E
Action: Maintenance

Flow check after maintenance with gilibrator.

177 ccm.

Removed impactors and flow increased to 277.

Checked directly on CPC and it was around the same.

Tried just having the preimpactor installed - 244 ccm

Tried just having the impactor installed - 159 ccm.

Swapped the critical orifices into the other housing and the low flow followed the critical orifice. So the issue is the impactor& 39;s critical orifice (1 x 0.4 mm). This is the one that had its o-ring replaced.

Swapping o-rings to confirm the o-ring is the issue or not.

Impactor with good o-ring still shows a low flow (160 ccm), so the issue is isolated to the actual orifice, not the o-ring.

Since both impactors are still showing some flow reduction, I& 39;m cleaning them again in the ultrasonic bath.

Cleaning out the ultrasonic bath properly (rinsing, wiping out with kimwipes), then using 1% triton X solution (in tap water) filled up with milliQ then run on delicate setting at 40oC for 10 minutes.

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