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Event details

Voyage: IN2020_V10       [details]
When: 2020-11-18 00:53:00 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2020-11-18 00:53:00
Log: PLAOS_in2020_v10
Equipment: Stop
Position: Latitude: -43.88983 Longitude: 147.9125

- entered into Elog as 43 53.39 S, 147 54.75 E
Station Number:3
Vertical Starboard Strobe Working?:No
Vertical Starboard Camera Working?:Yes
Vertical Port Strobe Working?:Yes
Vertical Port Camera Working?:No
Oblique Strobe Working?:Yes
Oblique Camera Working?:Yes
Vertical Video Light Working?:Yes
Vertical Video Working?:Yes
Acoustics Frequencies (kHz):38, 70, 120, 200
Acoustics Mode:CW
Acoustics Calibration:38.1 mm WC @ 4.25 m
Optics Calibration:10 cm long 3 tags at 1, 2, and 3 m
Logging range (m):100
Deployment Depth (m):1050
Planning Comments:CW deep-water deployment to check all data stream
Operation Comments:Lost sample warning was observed for 70 kHz when it is in CW mode and configured with other channels. 70 kHz operated alone doesn’t show this warning, but slow ping rate. All channels are getting recorded in FM mode without any warning – but the ping rate is down to 2.7 pps. Decided to disable Tube 2 (recording sideways 70 and upward 200 kHz) for the next deployment. The ping rate issue need to be fixed. This will require some detailed wharf side testing to troubleshoot issues with ping rate for Tube 2. The video data is still problematic. Increased aperture doesn’t seem to fix the issue. At deeper depth the movie is black. Could be due to red light used? Starboard strobe stopped working just before the deployment. Decided to proceed with deployment. Port camera was not turned on – so with this deployment we can not evaluate downward-looking camera performance. Oblique camera is not taking picture at every second. After ~20-30 m depth oblique camera is taking pictures once every minute, and we are getting less number of pictures. Communicated this issue to Jeff and Rob. It appears settings need to be changed on oblique camera like opening aperture or increasing ISO or increasing strobe power.
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