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Event details

Voyage: IN2020_V10       [details]
When: 2020-11-15 01:53:22 UTC

- entered into Elog/Everlog as 2020-11-15 01:53:22
Log: PLAOS_in2020_v10
Equipment: Start
Position: Latitude: -43.81317 Longitude: 147.73583

- entered into Elog as 43 48.79 S, 147 44.15 E
Station Number:2
Vertical Starboard Strobe Working?:No
Vertical Starboard Camera Working?:Yes
Vertical Port Strobe Working?:Yes
Vertical Port Camera Working?:Yes
Oblique Strobe Working?:Yes
Oblique Camera Working?:Yes
Vertical Video Light Working?:Yes
Vertical Video Working?:Yes
Acoustics Frequencies (kHz):38, 70, 120, 200
Acoustics Mode:CW
Acoustics Calibration:38.1 mm WC @ 4.25 m
Optics Calibration:10 cm long 3 tags at 1, 2, and 3 m
Logging range (m):100
Deployment Depth (m):130
Planning Comments:CW deployment to check buoyancy.
Operation Comments:Adjusted the float to reduce sinking rate. Achieved a sinking rate of 0.4 m/sec comparable to previous PLOAS rate ~ 0.33 m/sec. 70 kHz is still troubling and not pinging always. Need checking before next deployment.  Starboard strobe failed – looks like a connection issue. Unable to evaluate camera quality. May need to adjust settings?  Video seems to be dark – need to open aperture little more.   Need to set camera time to UTC (except starboard camera). Picture captured time is in local time and possibly Sony camera may be using time from its internal clock time – Rob will investigate this.   Need to set camera picture numbers synchronised. Decided to clear memory card so that all photo numbers are synchronised between cameras.  Camera aspect ratio changes when PLOAS is swinging – or orientation of camera changing. Some settings may need to change in camera so that aspect ratio is locked always – communicated to Rob.  Oblique camera was not giving same number of images as compared to vertical – possibly oblique camera may not be capturing image at every 1 second.  Impulse noise in data – significant in 38 kHz – maybe USBL? Will check. 
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