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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS200302 [details]

Deployment Type: - Sediment Sampling

Station: TD-51

When: 2003-03-30 06:27 UTC

Where: 22° 08.4' S    176° 36.9' E

Maximum Depth (m): unknown

Sediment Sampling details

Device used: Dredge - unspecified

ContentsTop (m)Base (m)
As for 51-01, but (i) more Fe-staining, both reddish and distinctive white layers near the surfaces, (ii) fewer plagioclase phenocrysts becoming sparse, (iii) thicker glass to 2 cm thick, (iv) more coarsely vesicular, and (v) glass surface is less lineated, more folded and more vesicular. A sparsely plagioclase-phyric pillow basalt.
Plagioclase-phyric pillow lava with fresh glass crust. Plagioclase is more concentrated in the glass layers. Some very rare olivine phenocrysts, most commonly seen associated with plagioclase. The glass layer is fairly thin (5 mm), lineated, and ?crinkly?. Vesicles are moderately sized and moderate in number. Some minor reddish Fe staining. The predominant lithology in the dredge.
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