Data Trawler - Deployment Details

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Deployment Details

Survey: - SS200302 [details]

Deployment Type: - Sediment Sampling

Station: TD-42

When: 2003-03-27 14:01 UTC

Where: 22° 26.5' S    176° 42.9' E

Maximum Depth (m): unknown

Sediment Sampling details

Device used: Dredge - unspecified

ContentsTop (m)Base (m)
Fresh black aphyric lava characterised by many tiny vesicles (spherical) and a second generation of sparser larger elongate vesicles. Good rind of fresh vesicular glass on one or both sides of blocks. Top of flows are striated.
Black rock with many tiny vesicles, similar to 42-01 except that the exterior is a friable mass of glass bubbles and tubes that point away from the rock core. No striated glass.
A very glassy unit. The exterior is composed of chips of glass agglutinated together., with most chips ~3 mm across. The interior is glassy with a few vesicles to 2 mm across. The exterior is somewhat friable as the agglutination process (welding?) is incomplete. Could be collapsed bubbles rather than welded chips.
Similar to 42-01, but a block with a striated glass rind. The tiny vesicles are nearly absent, although the larger vesicle population is present. More massive.
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